Introducing the feedback loop QR and NFC never had before.

Closed-loop feedback and direct attribution make you a better manager.

Now, content performance can be directly attributed to specific things, campaigns, and to user intent. By offering previews of multiple options, you can get a wealth of data intelligence, providing closed-loop feedback about what content people value and what drives conversion, not just that something was scanned.

Embeds URL Tags to a destination URL for measurement and easy identification.

Our metrics include the following:

Measure active engagement from QR codes and NFC tags, along with passive engagement from beacons.

Solicit engagement with a preview of options available, providing users with choices and capturing metrics of intent.

Taps & Conversions
Taps (clicks) deliver the requested content or action that fulfills a user's need while reporting a clear measurement of interest.

A dashboard of scans, impressions, and taps that can be adjusted by day, week, month, quarter, or year.

Real-Time Updates
Data is instantly updated across selected metrics to provide fresh insights.

Data Export to CSV
Export report data for use with third-party analytics tools.

Easily add Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics Tracking IDs to your account.