Full creative control and enhanced user-engagement. From anywhere.

Platform control gives you the freedom to create, learn, adapt, and schedule engaging multi-action user experiences that provide your visitors with options… not just blind links.

The old “set it and forget it” method for creating QR codes, NFC tags, and Bluetooth® beacons is flawed. Provide options that give people more informed choices and a consistent experience across all scanners. This approach gives you the ability to manage and measure context - with even more advanced functionality through SDK integrated apps.

Unique identifiers for QR, NFC, and beacons to track and control their content and context.

Real-Time Updates
Content changes take effect instantly, regardless of location.

Remote Monitoring
View top-level metrics for a QR, NFC, or beacon.

Remote Redirects
Change content at any time, from anywhere.

Scheduled Redirects
Automatically start, stop, or change content experiences on a schedule.

Remote On/Off Control
Change the visibility of your content at will.

Batch Editing
Change content and settings in batches.

API Developer Controls
RESTful API enables remote management through third-party platforms.

Naming, Folders, and Sorting
Keep everything organized.

Multi-User Admin
Easily add new users to an account.

Multi-Level Admin
Control account permissions for each of your team members.

Metadata Previews
Create previews automatically using existing metadata or assign your own when you need to change the message.

You’re going to like how ridiculously easy this is.

Phy makes it simple to add digital links to places, products, packaging, and media, turning them into new mobile-accessible touchpoints. This is a no-dev, no-app-required solution that lets you focus on creating great mobile experiences.

Add a QR, NFC, or Physical Web beacon.

Whether it’s a product, place, or a service, choose the appropriate “touchpoint” type that’s going to work best for your audience, then add it. Remember, NFC requires touch, QR requires line of sight and beacons can broadcast up to 100 meters.

Add content and associate actions.

Next, use our platform to create just about any digital experience you can imagine giving people multiple choices from a single scan. Options like business chat, links to product info, videos, audio, AR, social, etc. Make changes anytime.

QR Codes, NFC Tags, Physical Web Beacons We support them all.

Multi-action Previews Scans are no longer limited to just one URL link. Now, a single scan can show multiple contextual options that can be expanded, contracted, and reordered as needed.

Custom Images Add any image and resize to a default setting or a custom setting.

Favicons Each link is shown with a clear indicator of its action.

Emojis They’ve become a part of our culture. Might as well embrace them. 😜

MicroSites Our MicroSite builder makes it easy to create small landing pages instead of using URL destinations (drag and drop easy - no dev required).

Webhooks Turn smartphones into controllers of nearby connected devices (e.g., displays, lights, candy machines).

Library Actions you create are stored and organized in a reusable library of modular elements, for ongoing and future reuse.

Universal Discovery Multi-action previews can be seen through mobile apps and operating systems that support scanning QR codes, NFC tags, and Physical Web beacons.

A unique three-stage CMS makes it easy to motivate, measure, and manage engagement.

Rather than a general link to a website’s homepage, our platform enables you to give people more meaningful options in those moments when they have a specific need. When someone selects one of those options, it starts a conversation, letting you know what they value… letting you know how to reciprocate.


Informative previews incentivize engagement by providing choices.


Engagement through previews measures user preferences and captures intent.


Deliver the requested actions to fulfill the individual user's need.

Custom Solutions

Need better security? Or do you want to create a private network to serve up premium content to your loyal app customers?

Our Software Developer’s Kit can give any app the ability to scan QR codes, NFC tags, and Physical Web beacons. An added benefit for enabled apps it that in addition to a list of links that are publicly visible, you can show a different list of links for app users. This capability allows each individual code to serve multiple audiences with alternate content.

Need integration?

We have an API for that. Our RESTful API includes technical documentation and SDKs for nearly every platform. API developer control is available as an upgrade.