Platform control. Easy to add content to serve every need.

You can quickly build, organize, and edit a selection of content options.
Pull content from your library, schedule it, add recurring actions, and subscribe to RSS feeds to ensure that your app is always fresh and relevant.

Page and Apps
Each ID creates a unique URL that may be shared as a link.

Page Styling
Add your own brand color, title, and header images.

Call-to-Action Formatting
Choose the template for each call to action and optionally include a title, description, and/or image.

Page Previews
Preview pages and actions as they are edited to review the look before updating.

Pixel and Tag Integration
Google and Facebook Pixel and user-selectable URL tags.

Scheduled Actions
Each action on your page can be scheduled or set to recur during designated times.

Action Library
Reuse Actions from your library while independently tracking usage for each instance.

Batch Editing
Manage a group of pages or apps together, while tracking metrics separately.

API Developer Controls
RESTful API enables remote management through third-party platforms.

Naming, Folders, and Sorting
Keep everything organized.

Multi-User Admin
Easily add new users to an account.

Multi-Level Admin
Create previews automatically using existing metadata or assign your own when you need to change the message.

Mobile Websites, Multi-Action Pages, Progressive Web Apps We support them all.

Mobile First Simple fast navigation for the 70%+ percent of your audience that is mobile, and a tiled presentation for desktop viewers.

Custom Images Add any image and resize to a default setting or a custom setting.

Emojis They’ve become a part of our culture. Might as well embrace them. 😜

MicroSites Our MicroSite builder makes it easy to create small landing pages instead of using URL destinations (drag and drop easy - no dev required).

Feeds Subscribe your page or app to an RSS feed to help keep your content fresh and relevant.

Library Actions you create are stored and organized in a reusable library of modular elements, for ongoing and future reuse.

Universal Discovery Pages can be accessed through app icons, shared links, QR codes, and NFC tags.

A list of some of the things you can do with the Phy platform.

Whether you’re managing QR codes, NFC tags, Bluetooth® Physical Web beacons, or some combination of all three, our platform has a robust set of features that give you ultimate control.

On/Off Control

Account administrators can adjust whether a link's content will show in a beacon scanner. This is especially useful for timed releases of information.

CSV PhyID Export

Export a list of phyIDs for inventory and other uses in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format for use in third-party software.


Built for enterprise scale, you can go from 10 to 10,000 in minutes.

API Developer Control

Our RESTful API provides developers interactive technical documentation.

Secure Multi-User Admin

Only authorized users may change content settings. Account owners can control access to individual platform features and functions.

Custom URL Tags

Append action links with dynamic, real-time location, coupon codes, timestamps, and other custom information you define.

Microsite Builder

Quickly build contextually relevant destination pages with rich content including photos and videos.

Installation Notes

Text notes and photo records of placement of on-location placement make any future maintenance or service faster and easier.


Aliases, notes, and folders allow for easy identification, while sortable lists enable organization by folder and/or location.

Beacon Management

You can also manage Physical Web beacons with multi-action functionality.

NFC Tag Management

Manage content associated with URL-based NFC tags, including multi-action previews and advanced metrics.

QR Code Generator

Create and manage unique, printable QR codes directly within the platform. Download as JPG or SVG files.

Tap Metrics

Don’t just measure scans, measure impressions and taps. Closed loop feedback makes you a better manager.

Universal Compatibility

No proprietary scan codes here. All of our QR codes are universally readable.

Scheduled Event Changes

Remotely manage scheduled changes for a specific future time.

Batch Editing Actions

Remotely manage actions for just a few or thousands of touchpoints instantly.

Actions Library

Modularized management of actions and previews that automatically pulls existing metadata or allows it to be independently created.

Editable Actions List

Whether you’re editing previews, replacing actions, or changing the order actions appear, you can update experiences anytime you like.

Multi-Action Types

You’re not just limited to URLs, add and edit multiple action types, including tap to text, tap to email, tap to call, social, file upload, and others.

Multi-Action Previews

Don’t be limited to a single link. Give users choices with multiple previews that increase the likelihood you’ll fulfill a need.

Metadata Previews

No more blind links. Give your users informative previews and links to incentivize engagement and to provide needed instruction.

Need integration?

Our RESTful API includes technical documentation for nearly every platform.