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Mobile engagement made easy. With or without an app.

Although anyone can access Physical Web content with a smartphone and an open beacon browser like Chrome, brands also have the power to curate Physical Web experiences within native apps. Learn more about how the Physical Web SDK can help you enhance your brand’s app.

The Physical Web is the next big thing for mobile. is the next big thing for the Physical Web.

Built for enterprise-level consumer engagements, but simple enough for anyone to use, we’re more than content and beacon fleet management. adds intelligence to Physical Web transactions, giving you improved control, better performance visibility, and enriched mobile experiences.

Location Tracking vs. Consumer Engagement

In proximity marketing, beacons take two paths. Apple’s iBeacon, while complex and costly to deploy, is a powerful location tracking system that lets marketers follow a person’s movements and push notifications. Comparatively, the Physical Web makes it possible to stir a person’s natural curiosity to interact with things around them, and for marketers to curate that experience at a far lower cost than iBeacon.

Now, native apps can have the power and flexibility of both. By integrating the Physical Web Software Development Kit (phySDK), app owners can enable mobile apps with Physical Web functions.

Works with any beacon broadcasting Eddystone-URL

That’s right, ANY brand of beacon that broadcasts a Physical Web URL, including the original UriBeacon protocol, making it easy to remotely control when and what beacons broadcast on the Physical Web.

Physical Web + equals powerful Mobile Engagement

iBeacon’s tracking features are a tempting draw, but for campaigns focused on mobile engagement, the Physical Web provides the foundation for a far more cost-effective migration path from awareness and initial engagement, to managed loyal relationships.


Simple to use. If you’ve ever made an online purchase, you have the skills to manage a fleet of beacons.


Instantly update content associated with hundreds of beacons at once… from anywhere in the world.


Content creators have the power to change campaigns on-the-fly, without the need to engage a developer.


Fun stuff. Think Interactive games, scavenger hunts, etc.


Rewards for action. Think coupons, specials, prizes.


Information for short-term gain. Think open/close times, schedules and alerts.


Deliver rich educational or historical information. Think tours and exhibits.


Access to content only when within range of a specific beacon.


Multiple versions of content. Think different languages.


Make something take action. Think interacting with a vending machine.


Surveys and requests for reviews and other information.


Recommendations based on proximity.