Modular CMS for QR codes, NFC tags, web links, and Physical Web beacons.

Contextual control and enhanced user-engagement. From anywhere.

Provide options that give people informed choices. Manage and measure context with advanced functions through browsers, scanners, and SDK integrated apps.

Multi-action = more compelling and engaging experiences.

Our advanced multi-action display is just what it sounds like. Multiple action options from a single QR code, NFC tag, Physical Web beacon, or link.

You can quickly build, organize, and edit a selection of content options. Provide promotional campaigns, mobile commerce, and customer support all from a single QR code.

Proximity engagement done right. Finally.

Go ahead. Scan the code to experience it yourself. Previews load fast. They’re instantly familiar... they’re informative... and navigation is simple.

Scan the code (or tap if you're on a tablet or smartphone) to experience it yourself. Previews load fast. They’re instantly familiar. They’re informative. Navigation is simple. Any QR reader will work.

Scanning a QR code or NFC tag is a form of local search. People are expressing intent, but you may not know exactly what they want. By offering multiple relevant options, you can deliver experiences that are consistently useful.

Meta is what makes it so simple.

Getting started is super-easy. Just add a web URL(1), and the platform automatically fetches the meta Title(2), meta Description(3), and any associated meta Images(4) to create an informative preview.

Add a QR, NFC, or Physical Web beacon.

Whether it’s a product, place, or a service, choose the appropriate “touchpoint” type that’s going to work best for your audience, then add it. Remember, NFC requires touch, QR requires line of sight and beacons can broadcast up to 100 meters.

Add content and associate actions.

Next, use our platform to create just about any digital experience you can imagine giving people multiple choices from a single scan. Options like business chat, links to product info, videos, audio, AR, social, etc. Make changes anytime.

We play well with others.

You’re not limited to QR codes. The Phy platform is just as effective at remotely managing other proximity tech, including NFC tags (as long as they are programmable), Eddystone-URL beacon hardware for the Physical Web, and link campaigns through email or social media.

Easy to Use

Drag-and-drop simplicity makes adding new information a breeze.

Remote Control

Change content from anywhere, anytime you like. Updates are instant.

IoT Control

Integrate IoT actions via easy-to-implement webhooks.

Manage Context

With our API, you can control content programmatically.

Measure Interactions

Measure scans, impressions, and taps - with or without URL tags.

Schedule Events

Update content to automatically change at a specific time.

Bulk Changes

Manually update a single touchpoint, or thousands at once.


Fully compatible with any QR scanner, NFC tag reader, or Physical Web beacons.

Support Apps

Serve alternate app content via an integrated app SDK.