When someone has a question...

What do they do now? Google search? Or maybe an image search on Amazon or Pinterest? Give them links where you control the search results.


Introducing the foolproof way to give people the answers they seek.

QR, NFC, or links that bridge interactions with a selection of digital content that you control.

It’s the customer service feedback loop you’ve been looking for.

When content options change frequently and static landing pages won’t do, skip the search and give your customers faster, friendlier, more meaningful support options that you control. See what’s useful (and what’s not) so you can measure effectiveness.

It's a new and improved user experience.

It's like a local search, where you control the search results.

Manage and Measure everything through a modular CMS.

Remotely control messaging and action options, prioritize content, and even schedule automated changes, then measure engagement through scans, impressions, and actual tap interactions in real time.

Easy to Use

Drag-and-drop simplicity makes adding new information a breeze.

Remote Control

Change content from anywhere, anytime you like. Updates are instant.

IoT Control

Integrate IoT actions via easy-to-implement webhooks.

Manage Context

With our API, you can control content programmatically.

Measure Interactions

Measure scans, impressions, and taps - with or without URL tags.

Schedule Events

Update content to automatically change at a specific time.

Bulk Changes

Manually update a single touchpoint, or thousands at once.


Fully compatible with any QR scanner, NFC tag reader, or Physical Web beacons.

Progressive Web App

Quickly turn any link into an app.