Choice creates a better QR code experience.

Frustrated by traditional QR scanning, we reinvented the experience to be more user-friendly.

Now people see previews of multiple options, rather than a single blind link. These previews are familiar, easy for users to interpret, and simple to produce within the Phy platform.


Go ahead. Give it a try.

Scan the code to experience it yourself. Previews load fast. They’re instantly familiar. They’re informative. Navigation is simple. Any QR reader will work.

Scan the code (or tap if you're on a tablet or smartphone) to experience it yourself. Previews load fast. They’re instantly familiar. They’re informative. Navigation is simple. Any QR reader will work.

Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google Chrome, Samsung, Firefox, Snapchat, Bing, and Pinterest are leading the charge, with countless others incorporating QR scanners in their browsers and apps. Finally, QR is getting it's second wind, becoming the universal go-to proximity tech.

Ridiculously easy to add content to serve every need.

You can quickly build, organize, and edit a selection of content options. Provide promotional campaigns, mobile commerce, and customer support all from a single QR code.

Meta is what makes it so simple.

Getting started is super-easy. Just add a web URL(1), and the platform automatically fetches the meta Title(2), meta Description(3), and any associated meta Images(4) to create an informative preview.

Introducing the feedback loop QR codes never had before.

Other platforms just measure scans. We measure scans, impressions, and taps. Now you can learn what content people value and what drives conversion when people have your product in hand.

More Metrics

Measure engagement, not scans.

Scans and impressions are always free. Taps are a far better measure of quality. They’re qualified by proximity, along with their interest in your product, service, or message. At less than $.05 avg CPC, this new Physical channel is extremely affordable.

Need a spending cap? No worries. Contact us, and we’ll set that up for you.

More than QR codes.
We play well with others.

You’re not limited to QR codes. The Phy platform is just as effective at remotely managing other proximity tech, including NFC tags (as long as they are programmable), as well as Eddystone-URL beacon hardware for the Physical Web.

Easy to Use

Drag-and-drop simplicity makes adding new information a breeze.

Remote Control

Change content from anywhere, anytime you like. Updates are instant.

IoT Control

Integrate IoT actions via easy-to-implement webhooks.

Manage Context

With our API, you can control content programmatically.

Measure Interactions

Measure scans, impressions, and taps - with or without URL tags.

Schedule Events

Update content to automatically change at a specific time.

Bulk Changes

Manually update a single QR code, or for thousands at once.


Fully compatible with any QR scanner, NFC tag reader or Physical Web beacons.

Support Apps

Serve alternate app content via an integrated app SDK.

How to scan a QR code with your iPhone's camera.

It is super simple. Open the camera app, line up the QR code on your screen. If it is a URL-based QR code, a message will pop up on your screen. Tap that, and you should be taken to your list of actions.